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Professional Sunless Spray Tan




The ideal time to get your spray tan is 2 days prior to your event or trip.


24 hours before your appointment exfoliate your entire body to remove dead skin cells and create a smooth canvas for the tan. Focus on rough areas like elbows, knees, and ankles. 

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Do not apply any lotions, creams, deodorants or perfumes on the day of your spray tan appointment, as they can act as a barrier. 


Wear your hair up. 


Wear loose-fitting dark clothing and slip on shoes like flip flops or sandals to avoid rubbing off for the rest or the day or night after your spray tan. 


No Jewelry. 


What To Wear;


Women - We believe in providing a comfortable experience tailored to your preferences. When it comes to attire during your spray tanning session, the choice is entirely up to you. You have the option to wear a swimsuit, undergarments, or receive the spray tan nude, based on your personal comfort level. We can provide a disposable thong if necessary. 


Men - To ensure an even tan line, it is advisable for men to wear undergarments that fit tightly around the leg or thigh area. For the safety and comfort of our spray tan artists, we kindly request that men wear shorts or undergarments during the session.





Stay dry until your rinse off shower. Do not bathe, shower or sweat for at least 8 - 12 hours after application. 


First Shower: Rinse in lukewarm water with no soap. Brown cosmetic bronzers will wash away. Results will continue to develop within 18-24 hours.


Take cool or lukewarm showers to prolong the life of your tan. Pat dry with a towel, never rub.


Avoid chlorinated pools for 18-hours. 


TIP: You can sleep in the spray tan to allow it to keep developing for up to 24 hours. Although the colored bronzer is water soluble and can usually wash off anything, you should use a blanket or towel to sleep on to protect your sheets. 


Wait 24 hours before you first moisturize. Always moisturize after every shower to maintain even results and extend the life of your tan.


Don’t exfoliate, wax or shave as this can strip your spray tan. 


Before your next spray tan: Have a long bath to soak it all off using exfoliator, to ensure your skin is tan-free before your next one. Applying tan on top of previous tan can cause uneven development.

Shave or wax at least 24 hours before your spray tan appointment to prevent uneven absorption.


Have your nail or pedicure completed prior to appointment.


24 hours before your tan thoroughly moisturize the entire body and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.


Your prep is going to lay the foundation to how your tan goes on, develops and lasts on your skin!

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